All the Daraa Tribes meet on Lakbayl

All the Daraa Tribes meet on Lakbayl | REVIEW ON DJOLO


The review on Djolo translated from french: “With the Daraa Tribes, a Moroccan group not to be confused with its Senegalese homophone the Daara J Family , we go deep into the Moroccan south by following the course of the Wadi Daraa, or Draa, at the same time as it dissolves in our ears. the rich, very rich cultural silt which fertilizes the valley it crosses. In a great Saharan merger, the group Daraa Tribes unveils its latest track “Lakbayl” which can be translated as… tribes… this is a very tribal affair!

And it is the case to say it, with this new song, the Moroccan group wants to celebrate the diversity of the Draa valley, and to pay homage to all the tribes, all the ethnic groups, all the populations who inhabit the south of this valley. mythical of Morocco, and even, beyond that, they also greet with this song the musical blood which flows in their veins, and the blood, quite simply, the hemoglobin if you prefer, let’s say even the DNA in the strict sense , members of the group who each represent one of the peoples of this valley.

Thus the music and the soul of this song, “Lakbayl”, is crossed by the emotion and the legacy of Aarib, nomads and distant heirs of the first waves of settlements from the Arab world, who, in the evening, the camp once installed, have their musical style called chamra. There are also the Ragaga, master of the oasis of Ktawa who make the swords dance to the sound of Akalal and Skal. Of course, one cannot miss the Amazighs, Berber population which occupies North Africa since… it is in the north of Africa! The Kaaba, an important mixed-race population of the Draa valley, who, with their dance, the rokba, imitate the steps of warrior horses. And, to finish, there is also, and it is surely the people and the Moroccan music which knew how to make itself known the most abroad, the gnawa, descendants of sub-Saharan slaves.

So, now set off to discover the “Lakbayl”, the Daraa Tribes, with their dances, their music and their singularities!

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The review on Djolo in original language here:

Toutes les Daraa Tribes se réunissent sur Lakbayl



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